About us

SAIGRENE – ENERGIAS RENOVAVEIS is an engineering services company dedicated to the development of power projects with renewable energy sources. Having so far its activity mainly in Portugal, we also would like to highlight the participation in several projects in Spain, Brazil, Lusophone Africa and, occasionally, in Eastern Europe.

Supported by the experience of over 15 years in hydro, wind power and photovoltaics, we want to reach and decrease a market's frequent need — and that is the integration of the several studies' aspects usually required by those types of energy production.
Thus, it is normal to encompass in our work all the key components of a project, from studying the energy resource to the technical solutions for equipment and design of physical facilities, and many times going through the analysis of the economic and financial solution for each specific project.

Another important area of our action is the procedural handling of the licensing for the projects in which we engage.

Finally, it is common that the solution for financing the projects may also be studied and developed by us.