Our main goal is to provide the services required to a complete implementation of power plants based on renewable energy sources, clean and already tested in the market.

In hydroelectric power plants, for several years our work has been directed to plants of small / medium size, typically above 100 kW, and covered all types of engineering stages, e.g. prospecting, projecting, development, licensing, inspection and coordination of works, and also its exploitation.

In wind power stations, we participated in more than 15 projects above 600 kW of installed power, being some of them multi-megawatt, such as the wind park of Candeeiros (33 MW), in Portugal. Again, in this field, we did from prospecting and initial studies of the project to the negotiation of the land, licensing procedures, design and the exploitation of wind farms.

In photovoltaics, we collaborated in the development of several facilities above 100 kW, as well as the implementation of various technical studies that support a considerable number of new projects already installed.