In Portugal, our activity began with hydropower.
Capable of strong perennity supplying energy during the rainy months, the mini-hydroelectric plants are a significant contribution for energy production from 100% endogenous resources. On the other hand, there is usually a large local labor integration. In addition, environmental impacts are practically negligible, as long as they are safeguarded through good design of the facilities. In fact, and according to our experience, an economic project has the effect of being fairly innocuous from an environmental point of view.

Since 1995 we developed several projects in this area, between 100 kW and 4 MW, with the most different types of technical solutions. It still is, nowadays, our biggest slice of work and remains as the "apple of our eyes" for the team!

As for the wind power, it now represents the largest part of our work in terms of installed power, a consequence of the development that this technology suffered in the first decade of this century.

Countless tasks have been taken care of for more than 15 wind farms in Portugal.
At the moment, we collaborate in the development of two new parks totalizing 14 Megawatts to be installed.
We are now facing new and exciting challenges with the planned development of large projects outside the Iberian Peninsula.

In photovoltaics, we participated in the development of the project for the first commercial Portuguese plant (100 kW) and two other large installations in the Portuguese province of Alentejo. We also collaborated in studies for "Cavalum, S.A.", in projects above 1 Megawatt developed in Spain by that company.
We believe, therefore, that we have acquired the needed experience for triggering new projects and monitoring the rise of new technologies that can bring about a radical change for the future of energy in this particular field.

In Biomass, we must mention the project for a power plant of 2 Megawatts to be implemented in the Portuguese region of Trás-os-Montes but not yet materialized.